More is More

I’m Heather Ryerson, a London-based designer & illustrator.

In the illustration studio

I have a playful and insightful drawing style, full of hand-drawn textures and bold colours. I enjoy making visually arresting images that spark readers’ curiosity and enable understanding of politics, society and ourselves.

I especially love drawing portraits, getting at the heart of a person but leaving a gap for viewers to fill. My dream has always been to create poetic visual stories for children — I’ll make time one day.

At my desk

I’ve art directed and designed illustrated books with some of the most vibrant and innovative London publishers. The designer is the fulcrum between publisher and illustrator, building an understanding — and sometimes even new meaning — between words and images. You’re welcome to browse my bookshelves to see what I’ve been working on.

Out and about

Growing my own veg, scouring car boot sales, exercising my citizenship, and dancing to jangly ’60s rock music occupy life’s other quiet moments.

Raised and educated in the American Midwest, I went on to live throughout the British Commonwealth before landing, for a time, in wet and wonderful Portland, Oregon. After a few years my heart called me back to my first home-from-home London.

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